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Thu Aug 18 10:34:24 EDT 2011

On Aug 18, 8:39 am, "Jason Staudenmayer"
<jas... at> wrote:
> [snip irony]
> Adventure Aquarium is America's Most Touchable Aquarium!
> Featuring the ALL NEW Stingray Beach Club
> Where you can touch and hand feed the gentle stingrays
> To buy and print your tickets at home visit
>       ..·><((((º>..·`·.><((((º>..·`·.><((((º>..·`·.><((((º>
>                                     ..·`·.><((((º>..·`·.><((((º>..·`·.><((((º>
> ..·><((((º>..·`·.><((((º>
> A Herschend Family Entertainment Company

Don't you find it a bit ironic that you are complaining about spam but
yet you are spamming this group with your link to buy tickets to a
stingray petting zoo (which is in fact an oxymoron?) under the guise
of spam bashing?  Tip of the day: Create a website!

PS: I do however find the recent "rape" spam atrocious!

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