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gene heskett gheskett at
Thu Aug 18 12:14:13 EDT 2011

On Thursday, August 18, 2011 12:08:38 PM Alain Ketterlin did opine:

> "Jason Staudenmayer" <jasons at> writes:
> > I really like this list as part of my learning tools but the amount of
> > spam that I've been getting from it is CRAZY. Doesn't anything get
> > scanned before it sent to the list?
> I'm using nntp to read this newsgroup (through an academic server).
> No spam at all.
> -- Alain.

Which I think re-enforces the conclusion I have reached, and that is that 
the most obnoxious spammer here is injecting his spam directly to a machine 
handling google's groups that is downstream of any filtering they claim to 
do.  Short answer is to disconnect the the NNTP link and make this list 
into a REAL mailing list.  Subscribers only, or get past a GOOD captcha.
Spammers have stuff that can do the average captcha in a second or less, so 
choose the images wisely and randomize both the background and the text.

Cheers, gene
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