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Peter Pearson ppearson at nowhere.invalid
Thu Aug 18 13:02:49 EDT 2011

On Thu, 18 Aug 2011 16:58:04 +0200, Alain Ketterlin wrote:
> Ghodmode <ghodmode at> writes:
> [...]
>> Make an effort to curb the spam even if it means killing the newsgroup
>> availability.  Choose mailman or Google Groups, or another single
>> solution.  Make it members only, but allow anyone to register with an
>> automated confirmation email and a CAPTCHA.  Appoint a list admin who
>> has a few minutes each day to scan subjects of emails for spammers and
>> remove them from the members list.
> Or save work and find a public nntp server (or setup one, or ask your
> provider), and use a news reader to follow the list (even thunderbird
> can do this). No spam, no need to store messages on your machine,
> auto-purge after a configurable delay, etc.

Or pay for filtered NNTP service.  I'm happy with 10 euros per year, appears to be
competently run, very little spam gets through (maybe like 1
message per heavily posted group per day), and they probably
carry all the newsgroups you follow.  I have no affiliation
with them, except for being a customer who hopes they stay
in business.

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