try... except with unknown error types

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Fri Aug 19 15:14:54 EDT 2011

In <mailman.230.1313780957.27778.python-list at> Yingjie Lin <Yingjie.Lin at> writes:

> try:
> 	response = urlopen(urljoin(uri1, uri2))
> except urllib2.HTTPError:
> 	print "URL does not exist!"

> Though "urllib2.HTTPError" is the error type reported by Python, Python
> doesn't recognize it as an error type name. I tried using "HTTPError"
> alone too, but that's not recognized either.

Have you imported urllib2 in your code?

> Does anyone know what error type I should put after the except
> statement? or even better: is there a way not to specify the error
> types? Thank you.

You can catch all exceptions by catching the base class Exception:

  except Exception, e:
    print "some error happened, here is the explanation:"
    print str(e)

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