Replacement for the shelve module?

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> Folks,
> What might be a good replacement for the shelve module, but one that
> can handle a few gigs of data. I'm doing some calculations on daily
> stock prices and the result is a nested list like:
> [[date_1, floating result 1],
>  [date_2, floating result 2],
> ...
>  [date_n, floating result n]]
> However, there are about 5,000 lists like that, one for each stock
> symbol. Using the shelve module I could easily save them to a file
> ( myshelvefile['symbol_1') = symbol_1_list) and likewise retrieve the
> data. But shelve is deprecated AND when a lot of data is written
> shelve was acting weird (refusing to write, filesizes reported with an
> "ls" did not make sense, etc.).

I'd probably use a cachedb, though perhaps I'm biased since I wrote it:

It'll allow you to specify functions for serializing and deserializing
values (but not keys), and cache a user-specified number of values in
virtual memory.  IOW, once you instantiate the class, you pretty much get
caching and seralizing/deserializing as freebies, without the details of
same getting scattered throughout your code.

It wraps something like gdbm.
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