Stop quoting spam [was Re: Hot Girls ...]

Albert W. Hopkins marduk at
Sat Aug 20 01:24:26 CEST 2011

On Friday, August 19 at 17:12 (-0400), Matty Sarro said:

> If you're that offended then spend the cycles fixing the damn list so
> it
> stops having so much spam. You realize spam comes in almost
> constantly,
> right? Enough that multiple tines over the past weeks there have been
> no
> less than 3 threads about it.

For me, the original post ended in my spam box, which means my filter is
doing it's job, but when you re-post it, my filter did not regard it as
spam.  I actually wish it had.  Therefore you are an enabler.

> If php, red hat, and perl can manage it for their lists, why not
> python? Is
> that a statement about python programmers?

The python list is (also) a Usenet newsgroup.  Usenet is distributed and
therefore there is no central place to filter spam (each usenet host
would have to have its own filter and what one considers spam another
might consider ham)... anyway, that's neither here nor there.  Having my
own filter usually works.

I'm not here to dis you, just to try to help you understand the how/why
regarding the re-post and why your attitude about it might give the
impression of apathy toward your peer community.

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