relative speed of incremention syntaxes (or "i=i+1" VS "i+=1")

Andreas Löscher andreas.loescher at
Sun Aug 21 19:25:34 EDT 2011

Am Sonntag, den 21.08.2011, 12:53 -0700 schrieb Laurent:
> > With 64 bit 3.2.2 on my Win 7 Pentium, the difference was 4% and with 
> > floats (0.0 and 1.0), 6%
> For floats it is understandable. But for integers, seriously, 4% is a lot. I would never have thought an interpreter would have differences like this in syntax for something as fundamental as adding 1.

It's not as bad as you think. The addition of two integers is a cheap
task (in terms of computation power). If you have two way's to to it,
every little think (jumps in the code etc. ) will have a larger impact
on the execution time than on an expensive operation.

But every improvement on your algorithm will easily result in a
significant shorter execution time than replaceing a+=1 with a=a+1 will
ever do. :-)

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