Setting the time in Win7

Bob Greschke bob at
Mon Aug 22 20:46:04 CEST 2011


Yup.  I've been from one end of that article to the other with no luck. 
 It must be something to do with the shell that the system() call 
creates not having permission to set the time, but I can't figure out 
how to get around it.  Just using the GUI the account where the user is 
running the program from has permission to set the time.

On 2011-08-22 11:41:45 -0600, Tim Golden <mail at> said:

> If memory serves, you need to enable a specific privilege to
> set the time in Vista+. Just a moment...
> Have a look here:
> and look for SeSystemtimePrivilege generally. Sorry; I'm
> a bit rushed at the moment. Feel free to post back if
> that isn't clear
> On 22/08/2011 17:35, Bob Greschke wrote:
>> Permissions!
>> We're running in an account as an administrator (the only account on the
>> laptops) and the program just calls system(time xxxx) and system(date
>> xxxx) after reading it from a connected GPS receiver. I've fiddled with
>> everything I could find in the registry and with the secpol.msc program
>> and there doesn't seem to be any reason that it can't set the time, but
>> it can't. Any ideas?
>> Thanks!
>> Bob

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