Windows No-Install Distribution?

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Tue Aug 23 15:52:34 EDT 2011

On 8/23/11 8:29 AM, Eric Lemings wrote:
> I would like to create/find a Python 3.x distribution that can be
> redeployed simply by copying a directory of required files; i.e.

Just take the default installer, install it, and then check the Python
directory: does it have the python DLL? If not, go look into the
system32 directory, grab it, drop it in the Python directory. (If you
installed for all-users this will happen,

Now copy/zip/whatever that Python directory to another machine where it
was not installed. It'll work fine.

You'll have to explicitly provide the path to the Python.exe of course;
you can't just double-click on a .py or run 'python', but if
your shortcuts/whatever all do C:\Where\You\Installed\Python.exe,
everything should just work.

We do that at work and never run into any trouble. (We actually provide
a MSI but only for convenience of customers who want to auto-install via
Group Policy).

In most situations, Python's good at "finding itself", i.e. where the
python.exe is actually located -- and it boostraps the location of
everything else based on that.


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