Unspecified problem sending serial data

Dave Angel davea at ieee.org
Wed Aug 24 17:51:21 EDT 2011

Former subject line:  reading and writing files

On 08/24/2011 01:05 PM, Adrián Monkas wrote:
> Hi. thanks for answering so soon.
> What i want to do is send around 180KBytes via Serial port.  First of all i
> have been trying to read from a file this amount of information and copy to
> another file. That was a succesful test. After that the second test was
> reading from a file and then send the info via serial, but it failed.
> I have configured the serial port in both side of the connection.
> thanks
> Adrian
Don't top-post.  Put your response after the text you're quoting.

OK, so you solved the first problem.  Did you learn anything from my 
post?  You're again not describing your (new) problem, your environment, 
nor in this case giving a clue as to what you've tried.  Descriptions 
like "it failed" are usually useless.

In this case, I can't help, because I don't know anything about doing 
serial on the Amiga.  In any case, i wouldn't, since you didn't post to 
the forum.  You sent it as a private reply to me.  If you're reading 
this as a mailing list, the remember to do a reply-all, or at least make 
sure to use Python-list at python.org

I'll forward the message for you, bu it would have been better if you 
had posted it directly, with an appropriate subject line.


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