is there any principle when writing python function

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Fri Aug 26 01:20:29 EDT 2011

On Aug 23, 7:59 am, smith jack <thinke... at> wrote:
> i have heard that function invocation in python is expensive, but make
> lots of functions are a good design habit in many other languages, so
> is there any principle when writing python function?
> for example, how many lines should form a function?

My suggestion is to think how you would test the function, in order to
get 100% code coverage. The parts of the function that are difficult
to test, those are the parts that you want to pull out into their own
separate function.

For example, a block of code within a conditional statement, where the
test condition cannot be passed in, is a prime example of a block of
code that should be pulled out into a separate function.

Obviously, there are times where this is not practical - exception
handling comes to mind - but that should be your rule of thumb. If a
block of code is hard to test, pull it out into it's own function, so
that it's easier to test.
// T.Hsu

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