Arrange files according to a text file

Ric at rdo Ric at rdo
Sat Aug 27 13:03:45 EDT 2011


What would be the best way to accomplish this task?
I have many files in separate directories, each file name
contain a persons name but never in the same spot.
I need to find that name which is listed in a large
text file in the following format. Last name, comma
and First name. The last name could be duplicate.

Adler, Jack
Smith, John
Smith, Sally
Stone, Mark

The file names don't necessary follow any standard 

Smith, John - 02-15-75 - business files.doc
Random Data - Adler Jack - expenses.xls
More Data Mark Stone files list.doc

I need some way to pull the name from the file name, find it in the
text list and then create a directory based on the name on the list
"Smith, John" and move all files named with the clients name into that

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