pyzmail-0.9.0: high level mail library to read, write and send emails easily

aspineux aspineux at
Sun Aug 28 07:45:58 EDT 2011

Python easy mail library

pyzmail is a high level mail library for Python. It provides functions
and classes that help to read, compose and send emails. pyzmail exists
because their is no reasons that handling mails with Python would be
more difficult than with popular mail clients like Outlook or
Thunderbird. pyzmail hide the difficulties of the MIME structure and
MIME encoding/decoding. It also hide the problem of the
internationalized header encoding/decoding.

More here

You can get a lot of usage samples from the inside API documentation :

This library is the result of 3 articles I wrote about sending mail
using python

- Parsing email using Python part 1 of 2 : The Header
- Parsing email using Python part 2 of 2 : The content
- Generate and send mail with python: tutorial

pyzmail also include a very nice "pyzsendmail" command line utility
to send the most complex email from the command line.

"pyzsendmail -h" for more

I'm waiting for your feedback

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