Interact with SQL Database using Python 2.4 or lower

Sascha samzielkeryner at
Mon Aug 29 00:49:34 EDT 2011


I have an website on an Australian webhost. I have designed my website
to allow people to login & their login details are stored in an
SQLite3 database. I interact with the SQLite3 database using pythons
SQLite3 module(found only in python2.5 & up)

My Problem: the webhost runs Python 2.4 so I cannot communicate
with(query or modify) my SQLite3 database. The webhost will not allow
me to install my own version of python or upload modules unless I
upgrade to VPS.

What do you think are my options to still be able to work/interface
with my SQL database? Do you know of way to interact with a SQL
database using python modules from Python 2.4 or earlier?

Do you know of a python 2.4 module that will let me interact with an
SQL database(can be MySQL, SQLite, etc.)?

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