Interact with SQL Database using Python 2.4 or lower

Stephen Hansen me+list/python at
Mon Aug 29 07:09:51 CEST 2011

On 8/28/11 9:49 PM, Sascha wrote:
> My Problem: the webhost runs Python 2.4 so I cannot communicate
> with(query or modify) my SQLite3 database. The webhost will not allow
> me to install my own version of python or upload modules unless I
> upgrade to VPS.

Get a new webhost. Seriously. This is a seriously absurd requirement --
it goes past absurd into malicious incompetence, frankly. Not being able
to upload your own modules?

There has to be another option. Personally, I'm a major fan of
Webfaction -- from price to plans to what's supported to actual
effectiveness of their tech support.

But I don't know if they have a warehouse in Australia, if their latency
with any of their various data centers is suitable for you. Maybe, maybe
not -- but there /has/ to be a better option then this site... Good
hosts these days are not all that uncommon and are fairly competitive.


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