Calling Script from Command line not working

Sathish S sathish at
Mon Aug 29 06:40:06 EDT 2011

Hi Ppl,

We created a DLL using cygwin and have written a class based python module
for the same. We have created a sample script for the class based python
module, that creates an object of the class and calls various methods in the
class. This Test script works fine while I run it from IDLE. However when I
run it from command prompt it either hangs or just returns without executing
the functions. When it returns I do not get a error trace.

When I tried to findout where exactly the issue is happening. the issue
occurs when I try to call the *cygwin_dll_init* method of the cygwin1.dll .
This cygwin1.dll is actualy a dependency to the DLL we have built. So we
have to load this DLL and call this *cygwin_dll_init* method before loading
my DLL.

cyg = cdll.LoadLibrary("cygwin1.dll")
cyg.*cygwin_dll_init() #hangs or returns here*
*I'm trying to understand what exactly is the difference, when we call it
IDLE and when we call it from command prompt using the python command. I
will have to get the script working from command prompt as well.*
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