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On 8/28/11 10:23 PM, Chris Angelico wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 3:09 PM, Stephen Hansen
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>> Get a new webhost. ...
>> But I don't know if they have a warehouse in Australia, if their latency
>> with any of their various data centers is suitable for you. Maybe, maybe
>> not -- but there /has/ to be a better option then this site... Good
>> hosts these days are not all that uncommon and are fairly competitive.
> Having burnt my fingers with a couple of web hosts, and finally
> decided to host my own web site, I have one major piece of advice
> regarding this:
> Get a personal recommendation.

This is good advice, though with prices as they are in many cases --
provided you don't need to start out immediately solid and have some
development wiggle-room -- its not a bad thing to experiment.

Just don't get too tied to a certain host until you feel them out.
Sending them emails with detailed questions before you sign up is a good
thing, for example.

Good hosts will respond with detailed, specific answers, from real
people. Bad hosts will point you to a vague website or stock reply.

Real people, reading your real questions, and answering with real
answers is a major, major sign of the kind of company I want to do
business with. (Bonus points if they respond to complex, technical and
legal questions with specific answers within 24 hours -- bonus++ points
if the non-legal questions usually get responses in 1, at absurd times

> BTW, don't take the fact that I host my own site as a negative
> recommendation for every hosting company out there. My requirements
> are somewhat unusual - I want to host a MUD, not just a web site.
> Hosts that let you do THAT much are usually quite expensive :)

Hehe, I don't want to get overly advertising in my comments (so I'm so
not including a referrer link anywhere), but amusingly enough, my first
Webfaction account was signed up for the MUD reason.

They officially don't give a rats ass what you run in the background,
provided you're just not using more then your RAM allotment and that its
not spiking the CPU to a point that affects the rest of the system.

I have one account that runs a mud, one that does often semi-significant
background processing regularly via cron jobs (which they mailed me
about once when it got out of hand-- but they were entirely professional
and nice about it, and I fixed it with some controls so it behaved in a
more friendly way towards the rest of the system), and one for my
personal site where I run an IRC bouncer on, and all is cool.

(Why three accounts? One is paid for by a client, one half by me, one by
me -- it was just easier, and no way it all would fit under a single plan)

Anyways. I shall not further ramble as a satisfied-customer.


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