Installing WebDAV server

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Wed Aug 31 08:35:26 EDT 2011

"Laszlo Nagy" <gandalf at> wrote in message 
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>> What do you mean by STFW?
> Search The Fucking Web ?

OK, the modern version of RTFM.

>> I wasn't aware that easy_install was a utility. Downloaded and installed 
>> the
>> Windows version and run easy_install pywebdav.
>> It downloaded something, installed something and finished something.
> Then it's installed!
>> But, once again, don't know how to proceed.
> Is that so hard? I have never used pywebdav but the first page I hit 
> through Google search is:

I've been there.

> Where it says:
>> Installation and setup of server can be as easy as follows:
>> $ easy_installPyWebDAV
>> $ davserver-D/tmp-n-J
>> Starting  upPyWebDAV  server(version0.9.2-dev)
>> >>  ATTENTION:  Authentication  disabled!
>> >>  Serving  datafrom  /tmp
>> >>  Listening  on localhost(8008)

Yes, but that's Unix/Linux again.
But I'm in Windows, without experience with Python.

> So you successfully ran easy_install. Then I guess you will have to look 
> for a program named "davserver" and start it up. I suspect that searching 
> for  "davserver.*" under your site-packages dir or Python installation dir 
> will do.


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