How to save the packages received by a network interface or some port in a file and resend the packages received when needed?

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Wed Aug 31 10:36:16 EDT 2011

On 2011-08-31, Matty Sarro <msarro at> wrote:

> Its possible using TCPDUMP and wireshark. however its a bit of a
> manual process (open the pcap in wireshark, select the correct tcp
> stream, and extract the file).

Presumably the OP knows the port IP address and port number on which
the server is listening, so wouldn't it be simpler to just capture TCP
traffic to/from that IP/port?

Then you can play it back using tcprewrite, tcpreplay, et al.

But, I don't see how that's going to work.  The OP seems to want to
capture a TCP session and then "replay it" so that the client from the
session ends up talking to a different server during the replay. The
chances of the new server starting up a connection with the same ACK
sequence number is practially nil isn't it?

>> ?? This is a question not specific to Python,but its related
>> somehow,and I believe I can get some help from your fellow:) ?? I am
>> doing my work on a server service program on Linux that processes the
>> packages sent to the socket it listens.Their is already a old such
>> service listening on the port doing its job,and I can't stop the old
>> server service, and I need to get the packages sent to the old server
>> and send them to my new server service to make sure it works well
>> .How can I get the package and resent them to my new service? Is
>> there such a tool or is there some functionality that tools such as
>> tcpdump already provides? Thanks:)

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