Installing WebDAV server

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Wed Aug 31 10:37:00 EDT 2011

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>>> Where it says:
>>>> Installation and setup of server can be as easy as follows:
>>>> $ easy_installPyWebDAV
>>>> $ davserver-D/tmp-n-J
>>>> Starting  upPyWebDAV  server(version0.9.2-dev)
>>>>>>   ATTENTION:  Authentication  disabled!
>>>>>>   Serving  datafrom  /tmp
>>>>>>   Listening  on localhost(8008)
>> Yes, but that's Unix/Linux again.
>> But I'm in Windows, without experience with Python.
> Not really... The "easy_install" command is the same on windows. Maybe the 
> command prompt is different, but the command itself is the same. Same is 
> true with the "davserver" command. If you can find a "davserver.exe" or 
> "" or "davserver.pyw" file under site-packages or 
> tools/scripts, then that will be the program that you need to start up. No 
> magic.

Actually, I installed easy_install setuptools for Windows 
(setuptools-0.6c11.win32-py2.7.exe). Running easy_install generated an error 
"Setuptools version 0.6c9 or greater has been installed.
(Run " -U setuptools" to reinstall or upgrade.)"

I did, quite something happened but the same error message came back when 

So, I installed it another way, indicated by Paul Kölle:
"navigate to the folder you downloaded PyXML and PyWebDAV and run "python
install" (python.exe has to be in your PATH). "

That worked fine, but:

There is no davserver script or executable. Please read my response to Paul 


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