Installing WebDAV server

Laszlo Nagy gandalf at
Wed Aug 31 15:36:44 CEST 2011

>> Where it says:
>>> Installation and setup of server can be as easy as follows:
>>> $ easy_installPyWebDAV
>>> $ davserver-D/tmp-n-J
>>> Starting  upPyWebDAV  server(version0.9.2-dev)
>>>>>   ATTENTION:  Authentication  disabled!
>>>>>   Serving  datafrom  /tmp
>>>>>   Listening  on localhost(8008)
> Yes, but that's Unix/Linux again.
> But I'm in Windows, without experience with Python.
Not really... The "easy_install" command is the same on windows. Maybe 
the command prompt is different, but the command itself is the same. 
Same is true with the "davserver" command. If you can find a 
"davserver.exe" or "" or "davserver.pyw" file under 
site-packages or tools/scripts, then that will be the program that you 
need to start up. No magic.


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