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Wed Aug 31 19:14:24 CEST 2011

Hi, answers below...

Am 31.08.2011 14:18, schrieb Fokke Nauta:
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>> Hi,
>> Am 30.08.2011 22:00, schrieb Fokke Nauta:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I am completely new to Python, but I'm confronted with a problem I can't
>>> solve.
>> Welcome to python.
>>> This is my question:
>> [snip]
>>> I installed Python 3.2.1 and extracted the packages PyWebDAV and PyXML.
>>> Now
>>> I have a working Python app and 2 directories called PyWebDAV- and
>>> PyXML-0.8.4. In the PyWebDAV README it says:
>>> Installation and setup of server can be as easy as follows:
>>> $ easy_install PyWebDAV
>>> $ davserver -D /tmp -n -J
>>> But of course it doesn't work like that. When I start up Python GUI I see
>>> the ">>>" prompt instead of the "$" prompt. But where do I place the two
>>> directories? And there is no easy_install script in the PyXML-0.8.4
>>> directory, only a and script. I guess the latter is
>>> the
>>> one to use. But how?
>> You dont install from "Python GUI", use normal cmd, navigate to the folder
>> you downloaded PyXML and PyWebDAV and run "python install"
>> (python.exe has to be in your PATH). Then you have to find the
>> startup-script "davserver". Find your python installation directory and
>> look into<Install dir>/Tools/Scripts, in my computer this is
>> E:\python27\Tools\Scripts. PyXML and PyWebDAV get installed in the
>> site-packages folder i.e. E:\python27\Lib/site-packages. You might have to
>> look for "davserver" there...
> Thanks, Paul.
> I ran "python install" in both the PyXML and PyWebDAV directories.
> A lot of things happened and are added into those directories and I guess it
> will be OK.
> Next step, the startup-script "davserver". There is no script as such, also
> not in \python27\tools\scripts.
> I found 2 similar scripts:
> 1. in D:\Python27\WebDAV\PyWebDAV\DAVServer
> 2. in D:\Python27\WebDAV\PyWebDAV\DAV
> Which one is the one to use?
Your install locations look odd, but it might work nevertheless. The 
server is in DAVServer\, you can look at the file and you will see:

if __name__ == '__main__':

at the bottom. This is the "entry point" of a python script if called 
from the command line.

My install looks a bit different but I can start the server as follows:
-D c:\home -n
WARNING:pywebdav:Authentication disabled!
Listening on localhost (8008)

> I also configured config.ini in D:\Python27\WebDAV\PyWebDAV\DAVServer
I would use a config file outside the program directory and use the -c 
or --config switch, run without arguments to see possible 
startup options.

> In this file it says:
> "# Auth Database Table, Must exists in database prior to firstrun
> dbtable=webDav
> # Create User Database Table and Insert system user"
> I created in MySQL a database called webDav.
> I can create a table called User, but how many fields?
Don't know if that's documented somewhere but you can just look at the 
code in in the same directory as Seems it needs 
three columns, (User<string>,Pass<string>,can_write<0|1>) but I haven't 


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