fun with nested loops

Daniel dalist0 at
Wed Aug 31 14:40:05 EDT 2011

> one more idea, a kind of named loop:
interesting idea, thanks.

> When it become too complicate, I use state machine:
I unsuccessfully played a bit with a FSM, but there is a lot of data
that is passed around between the states and a lot of counting (like
trying a certain step n times), so the FSM turned out to be even more
complex. And I have to keep the code simple for non CS people to run
the actual experiment. The loops are kind of self-explanatory, this is
exactly how you would specify the experiment, even though I am really
hitting a wall at the moment.

Maybe I am really missing an obvious solution, because breaking out of
nested loops really doesn't seem like anything fancy. Fortran/c/c++/
Ruby/Perl all have that facility, even Java has named loops.

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