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Tue Feb 1 16:14:41 CET 2011

On Feb 1, 8:27 am, Jean-Michel Pichavant <jeanmic... at>

> In a more serious way, just count the people who second your
> prosposition. It's around 0. It is usually a good sign that you're
> wrong. This rule kinda applies to anyone, don't take it personnaly.

Well your statment completely ignores the silent majority. Are you
telling me that this sloth of trolls, minions, and flamers that have
so far replied are represetative of this fine community. Gawd i hope
NOT!. Here is a list of the compiled personalities...

#-- Embedded Trolls and Minions --#
Steven D'Aprano(smart and witty (annoying) troll)
Stephan Hansen (controversy troll)
Ben Finny (haughty troll)
alex23(angry/dangerous troll)
Tyler Littlefeild(confused troll)
Bryan ? (annoying troll)
Corey Richarson
Nicholas Devenish
Alexander Kapps
rusi ?
Andre ?
Geremy Condra (troll-wagoneer)
Ethan Furman
Noah Hall
Adam Skutt
Arndt Rodger Schnieder
Mark Roseman (Tkinter's minion)

#-- Occasonal Flamers --#
Micheal Torrie
Grant Edwards
Thomas L Shinnink
Peter Otten
Giampaolo Rodola
Giacomo Boffi
malcom ?
Owen Jacobson
Robert ?

#-- Complete Nobodys --#
Bill Felton

#-- MIA --#
Steve Holden

#-- Moderates --#
Richard Johnson
Terry Reedy
Kevin Walzer
Octavian Rasnita
Robert Kern
Brenden Simon
Tommy Grav
Martin V Leowis
Ian ?
Tim Chase
Bob Martin
Neil Hodgenson
Robin Dunn
Benjamin Kaplan
Jerry Hill
Patty ?
Martin Gregorie
Albert van der Horst
Martin P Hellwig
Steven Howe
Antoine Pitrou
Hank Fay
Katie T
Gerry Reno
Stefen Behnel

26 moderates
31 trolls, minions, sockpuppets, and or flamers
2 missing in action
= This community needs serious help!

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