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Tue Feb 1 12:26:00 EST 2011

On Feb 1, 10:29 am, "Littlefield, Tyler" <ty... at> wrote:

> I hope everyone will
> excuse me now, I must dash off to slit  my wrists in a tub of warm water
> and listen to Free Bird,

Free Bird! hmm, I would have chosen Chopin's nocturne 48-1 or 72-1 if
i was feeling rather melancholy at the moment. Then there is always
the funeral march if you really want to lay it on thick. However the
march does have a rather lengthy "hopeful" section that may make you
give second thoughts. Or perhaps the Berceuse in D-flat Major as a
final glorious celebration of life as one journeys beyond the edge of
transcendence. If there is a heaven it must sound like this...

...only a man who suffered so greatly can know what true beauty is.
RIP Chopin.

If you're going to met your end it should be at least to a piece that
is truly timeless -- not some reefer+jack induced rockabilly ballad!

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