multiple values for keyword argument

Patty patty at
Tue Feb 1 14:44:20 EST 2011

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Here is a list of the compiled personalities...

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#-- Moderates --#

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Patty ?

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26 moderates
31 trolls, minions, sockpuppets, and or flamers
2 missing in action
= This community needs serious help!

How Embarrassing!!  This caused great blushing!!  Being categorized on a big email list...also not sure why I am not on the "#-- Complete Nobodys --#" list.
You hit me right in my shy streak.  I am really capable of a lot of participation on email lists and considering attending one of the BayPiggies in-person meetings
and getting more involved.  But I need to get smarter about Python programming first.  This might _make_ me go MIA....yikes!


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