How to create an entry in the "Program menu" of Windows?

sandro sandro at
Wed Feb 2 03:56:05 EST 2011

Alexander Kapps wrote:

> On 01.02.2011 22:43, Diesel wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'd like to add menu entry in the Program Menu as part of the
>> installation of an application. Is it possible to do that from Python?
>> Any examples or link? I have not been able to find anything with
>> google...
>> thanks in advance
>> s/
> AFAIK, the startmenu entries are just .lnk files, placed either in 
> the "All Users" or "Some Specific User" Startmenu directory. I only 
> have a German XP and can't boot it to test at the moment, so I can't 
> give more details, but there are surely registry entries to find the 
> Startmenu location for the current user or for "All Users".
> See for an example how 
> to place .lnk files. However, for real deployment, you probably want 
> to use a real installer framework like NSIS for example.

Thanks Alexander, in the meanwhile I also found this [1] message that
reports the following snippet that uses module winshell (and win32...):


import os, sys
import winshell

startup = winshell.startup () # use common=1 for all users
print startup

winshell.CreateShortcut (
 Path=os.path.join (winshell.startup (), "Python.lnk"),
 Icon=(sys.executable, 0),

thanks again

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