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Steven D'Aprano steve+comp.lang.python at
Wed Feb 2 11:06:36 CET 2011

On Tue, 01 Feb 2011 23:36:27 -0500, Gary Chambers wrote:

> All,
> Given the following Perl script:

[snip line noise]

> Will someone please provide some insight on how to accomplish that task
> in Python?

No idea, I can't read Perl, and you shouldn't assume that people will be 
able to.

Can you simplify your problem to the smallest sub-task that you cannot 
perform? Focus on this part of the problem:

> I am unable to continually (i.e. it stops after displaying a
> single line) loop through the output while testing for the matches on
> the two regular expressions.  Thank you.

What Python code are you using to loop? Simplify the problem to focus on 
the fundamental problem, not the irrelevant details of looking up CNAME 
and A Records using dig.


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