IDLE: A cornicopia of mediocrity and obfuscation.

rantingrick rantingrick at
Wed Feb 2 22:45:01 CET 2011

On Feb 2, 2:41 pm, Corey Richardson <kb1... at> wrote:

> I don't recall ever doing anything but injecting my honest opinion. If
> my opinion may be flawed (or appears to be flawed, I usually don't
> elaborate on my ideas enough), so be it.

Yes you are correct. When i added you to the troll list that was by
accident. You are obviously not a troll and probably not a flamer
either. Anyone willing to offer help is a moderate so there you go...

py> moderate_group.append(flamer_group.pop("Corey Richardson"))

> Will you be forking IDLE and setting up some sort of tracker for
> improvements?

No because we already have a bug tracker set up for IDLE. Why create
another one? We just need the "powers that be" to start accepting
major changes to the IDLE library at hand. There is not even enough
interest to get minor changes committed. A fork would be the best idea
however i am not going to start it alone. If someone else wants to
start a fork be my guest, i will be happy to help out once the fork is

However i am always very reluctant to start these things because the
powers that be have not even expressed even the *smallest* interest in
change. Sure Raymond, and Terry are interested but how about the
others? We have yet to hear from the other BIG players. All we have
gotten so far is trolling, threating, and negativity from a few very
loud naysayers.

Now, after all this uphill battle i have fought only two brave souls
(Corey and Richard) have showed an interest in actually doing
something. And believe me i thank them! These are great people! But
were is the blessing from on high? Where is Steve Holden on this? Is
he too busy with $295.00 per session O-Reilly classes to stop by and
give his blessing.  Were is py-dev on this? I know these folks have
*real* work to do however a quick "we're with you guys!", or a simple
"break a leg!" would be very helpful.

And last but not least, were oh were has our BDFL gone? For years he
has hidden his face from us at We have walked in the shadows
for far too long Guido. Were is YOUR opinion on these things. When
will you weigh in on these very important issues? When!

Are we not worthy of a simple:

 "Yes, improving IDLE's code base sounds good to me."

or a simple:

 "Sorry, i don't think we should worry about that because X,Y,Z."

Come on Guido we need your input already! If some big players would
show even the smallest support for improving IDLE (or any module) then
that positivity would propagate down to the rest of us. The naysayers
would stop trolling and the silent majority would start getting

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