parse GET/POST data on simple http server

Corey Richardson kb1pkl at
Thu Feb 3 09:26:22 CET 2011

On 02/03/2011 03:15 AM, Markus wrote:
> Hi,
> As a beginner in python, I am looking for example code that would help
> me understand how to
> code following idea:
> 1. Start minimal http server
> 2. Send GET or POST data (url encoded, or from form) - example
> Name="Foo"
> 3. Analyze the GET/POST variable value on server and match to
> different value
>     example 'if Name = "Foo" then retval = "Bar" '
> 4. serve the content of retval back to user as plain html
> If some code snipped that does implement all or part of the algorithm
> is known to you, please point me to it. I would be thankful for any
> push to the right direction.
> Thank you!

If you really can't use a 'real' webserver like Apache, I found [1]. Not
sure how to use it, never had the need to. The documentation will show
you the way, however. Using that and the cgi module, your requirements
should be fulfilled.

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