Style question: Nicknames for deeply nested objects

Jean-Michel Pichavant jeanmichel at
Thu Feb 3 11:31:44 EST 2011

Gerald Britton wrote:
> Nope. it's nothing to do with imports.  It's about objects passed to
> methods at run time.  Complicated objects with many levels.  Not about
> modules at all.

Who is providing these objects ?
- Your code ? => as said before, you can fix your design with a proper 
object model
- 3rd party libraries ? => I'd be curious to know which one, because 
they usually do a good job providing a clean minimal public interface.

However, do not redesign anything to get only shorter names. You can 
easily live with that, the way you're doing it is up to you and 
suggestions have been given. But keep in mind that you should'nt have 
got nested names that long in the first pace, no matter how complicated 
the internal implementation.


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