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Stephen Hansen me+list/python at
Fri Feb 4 19:49:49 CET 2011

On 2/4/11 10:34 AM, rantingrick wrote:
> But we need to receive the old idlefork or
> have them delete the old idle fork as too much confusion will spread
> with when two idleforks exists.

This is nonsense. And probably just another excuse for you to rant
instead of actually doing something of any use.

IDLEfork was a specific project which ended. It doesn't need to be
"taken over" or "deleted" -- it served its purpose and there's nothing
wrong with its history being preserved. Your new idea for a project has
very different aims and a very different agenda from the idlefork that was.

So name your new project something else. reIDLE, maybe. Or unIDLE. Or
whatever else.

There is no real danger of confusion. Welcome to Open Source. Forking is
good, not bad. There is no overmind, no one speaks for the silent
majority. Actions may-- may!-- get you some support and followers.
Talking will get you none at all.

Put your money where your mouth is.


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