Use the Source Luke

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at
Sat Feb 5 01:27:50 EST 2011

OKB (not okblacke), 04.02.2011 20:11:
> I think Python has its own warts
> comparable to some of those you mention, but not all.  What bothers me
> most is when "practicality beats purity" is invoked, with practicality
> defined as "doing it this way is faster in C".

Most of that should be gone in Python 3.

There's also the practicality in the sense of "someone has to write the 
code". Both are certainly common in every open source developer community, 
including python-dev, if you replace "C" by "the right language in the 
given context". But I must say that I rarely read either of the two being 
used as common meanings for "practicality" on python-dev. That term is very 
user focussed in the Python community.


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