Oktest 0.7.0 released - a new-style testing library

Makoto Kuwata kwa at kuwata-lab.com
Sat Feb 5 17:25:46 EST 2011

I released Oktest 0.7.0.

Oktest is a new-style testing library for Python.

    from oktest import ok
    ok (x) > 0                 # same as assert_(x > 0)
    ok (s) == 'foo'            # same as assertEqual(s, 'foo')
    ok (s) != 'foo'            # same as assertNotEqual(s, 'foo')
    ok (f).raises(ValueError)  # same as assertRaises(ValueError, f)
    ok (u'foo').is_a(unicode)  # same as assert_(isinstance(u'foo', unicode))
    not_ok (u'foo').is_a(int)  # same as assert_(not isinstance(u'foo', int))
    ok ('A.txt').is_file()     # same as assert_(os.path.isfile('A.txt'))
    not_ok ('A.txt').is_dir()  # same as assert_(not os.path.isdir('A.txt'))

See http://packages.python.org/Oktest/ for details.

NOTICE!! Oktest is a young project and specification may change in the future.

Enhancements and Changes

* enhanced to allow users to define custom assertion functions. ::

    import oktest
    from oktest import ok
    def startswith(self, arg):
        boolean = self.target.startswith(arg)
        if boolean == self.expected:
            return True
        self.failed("%r.startswith(%r) : failed." % (self.target, arg))
    ok ("Sasaki").startswith("Sas")

* rename 'ok().hasattr()' to 'ok().has_attr()'.
  (but old name is also available for backward compatibility.)

* change 'chdir()' to take a function as 2nd argument. ::

    def f():
      ... do_something ...
    chdir('build', f)

    # The above is same as:
    with chdir('build'):
      ... do_something ...

* add document of 'oktest.helper.dummy_io()'. ::

    with dummy_io("SOS") as io:
        assert sys.stdin.read() == "SOS"
    assert io.stdout == "Haruhi\n"
    assert io.stderr == ""

* fix 'oktest.tracer.Call#__repr__()' to change output according to
  whether '==' is called or not. This is aimed to make output of
  'ok(tr[0]) == [...]' to be more readable.

* change 'Runner#run()' to skip AssertionError if it is raised by
  'assert ....' and not 'ok() == ...'.

* fix example code for some helper functions.

makoto kuwata

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