Turbogears 2.1 with mako tmplates

Vineet Deodhar d_vineet at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 7 10:13:43 EST 2011

I am a python programmer.
For web-based solutions, I have started learning TG 2.1
By and large, the documentation on TG 2.1 official site is a work-in-process.
As regards to the templates, it tells how to go about Genshi.
I wish to go with mako.
Gone through the docs of mako (they are good).
But still, it would be better if I can get a tutorial explaining using TG 2.1 with mako.
(It will save me from re-inventing the wheel, if somebody has written docs on these lines).
Can anybody point to any such tutorial?
(I googled, but couldn't locate any convincing result).


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