Wing in mod_python vs wsgi?

Tom Stambaugh tms at
Wed Feb 9 00:57:33 CET 2011

I'm still using mod_python to deploy my framework for production (CentOS 
running Python 2.5.5, Apache 2.2.3, mod_python 3.3.1). I'm acutely aware 
of how elderly mod_python is, and I've had some frustrations using Wing 
to debug inside it -- at least its possible, which is not true for any 
other Python IDE I've tried.

Does Wing do better in mod_wsgi? Is it time for me to migrate from 
mod_python to mod_wsgi?

Has anybody tried to do this (mod_wsgi and apache) in a Windoze environment?

Tom S.
Tom Stambaugh
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Somerville, MA 02144
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