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Stephen Hansen me+list/python at ixokai.io
Wed Feb 9 03:36:49 EST 2011

On 2/8/11 8:00 PM, Vivek Shrivastava wrote:
> I think that will help people like me who just depend on gmail, and I
> know there are various ways to do filtering in gmail, but just addition
> of the tag in [ ] will help avoiding those.. I kindly second that..

.. yeah, no.

Let's not screw up everyone's life to help those who are using _Gmail_
who don't want to take advantage of Gmail's capability to PERFECTLY
filter the group into a folder without it.

You /just/ depend on Gmail? You want to infringe on everyone else so...
you can... _avoid_ er, using your client to sort your mails into a
folder/label? Gee, thanks, no.

Click on this message.

There's this "Show Details" button that appears at the top of it. Click

Then there's this line that says "mailing list", followed by

Then there's this super easy link added right next that you can click.

Voila, it fills out everything you need have just Gmail, depend just on
Gmail, and sort your messages in a very usable way, without screwing
with everyone else and stealing away their valuable horizontal space.


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