Land Of Lisp is out

Peter Keller psilord at
Wed Feb 9 15:02:26 EST 2011

In comp.lang.lisp William James <w_a_x_man at> wrote:
> Pascal J. Bourguignon wrote:
>> sthuebner at (Stefan H?bner) writes:
>> >> Would it be right to say that the only Lisp still in common use is
>> the Elisp >> built into Emacs?
>> > 
>> > Clojure ( is a Lisp on the JVM. It's gaining
>> > more and more traction.
>> There are actually 2 REAL Lisp on the JVM: 
>> - abcl and
>> - CLforJava
> CL is not a real Lisp. It is an anti-Lisp, and those who use it
> are anti-Lispers.

Did you find out you were the illegitimate child of your mom who
once had a tryst with Common Lisp? It is the only explanation of your
vehemence. I could see the cultural problem of being a half-breed in
an Algol-68 world and how it can be the source of your disdain for CL.

You often see it in times of war: Half Vietnamese, Half Japanese,
Half Orc.

No one side wants to accept the impropriety...

Maybe this is why a staunch Ruby advocate hangs out in comp.lang.lisp.

comp.lang.ruby rejected you worse.


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