Trying to decide between PHP and Python

Benjamin J. Racine bjracine at
Thu Feb 10 07:48:44 CET 2011

Cython/Sage is no small undertaking, but I have no idea how to measure relative success between that and hiphop.


On Jan 6, 2011, at 11:11 AM, John Nagle wrote:

> On 1/4/2011 12:20 PM, Google Poster wrote:
>> About once a year, I have to learn yet another programming language.
>> Given all the recommendations (an outstanding accolade from Bruce
>> Eckel, author of "Thinking in Java") I have set my aim to Python.
>> Sounds kinda cool.
>     If you're just doing simple web-based services, PHP is the
> way of least resistance.  It's supported by almost all hosting
> services.  Trying to run Python on shared hosting is generally
> painful.  Either you're stuck running in CGI, which means you
> take the cost of a Python load on every transaction, or you
> have to find someone who will let you run long-running
> processes so you can run FCGI/WSGI or some Python framework.
>     Efforts to compile PHP to hard code have been more successful
> than the corresponding efforts for Python.  Facebook developed
> and uses their HipHop compiler for their huge internal PHP
> code base.
> 				John Nagle
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