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On 2/10/11 7:34 PM, alex23 wrote:
> rantingrick <rantingr... at gmail.com> wrote:
>> 1. When has 2 bytecode instructions EVER out weighed a solid
>> readability feature's incorporation into Python?
> The original point was whether or not the code is identical, which
> Terry showed it was not.

Rick does not understand what "identical" means.

Its a complicated word.

"Same" and "exactly the same" and "equivalent" are all also terms of art
that are not fully comprehended.

Someone says that these two things are the same. Terry points out that
they are not, in fact, the same at all. He does not make a value
judgment on what is better or not better: or what is preferred or not
preferred. He simply points out: they are not the same.

Everyone else understands that something may be different from something
else, and yet in the end we prefer what is technically slower -- because
it is more readable.

Everyone else may understand that something may be different from
something else, and yet arguing that they are THE SAME is worthy of an
objection, because it is simply, factually, wrong.

Cue Rick selectively quoting and telling me what it is I'm saying (while
utterly proving his inability to read basic English), and righteous
indignation about how bad I am as one of the Evil Ones of python-list.
Doing... bad things. Badly.

Because, I, er, am, bad.





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