Class or Dictionary?

Martin De Kauwe mdekauwe at
Sat Feb 12 10:06:11 CET 2011

On Feb 12, 7:21 pm, Andrea Crotti <andrea.crott... at> wrote:
> Il giorno 12/feb/2011, alle ore 00.45, Martin De Kauwe ha scritto:
> > Hi,
> > yes I read a .INI file using ConfigParser, just similar sections (in
> > my opinion) to make one object which i can then pass to different
> > classes. E.G.
> Ok then I suggest configobj, less buggy and much more powerful than ConfigParser:
> (and included from python 2.7).
> In this way you can also simply just carry around that dictionary, and it will be correctly
> typed if you validate the input.

That is interesting however I am using python 2.6 so I guess I shall
have to stick as I am for the moment. I think the way I used it above
was quite straight forward? It seemed OK? What are the issues?

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