Question on Creating exe file with py2exe

joy99 subhakolkata1234 at
Sat Feb 12 21:06:07 CET 2011

Dear Room,

I am using Windows XP (SP2) and a Python Version "Python 2.6.5
(r265:79096, Mar 19 2010, 21:48:26) [MSC v.1500 32 bit (Intel)] on

I was looking to create exe files. Reviewing various posts here, I
felt py2exe may be the best thing I can opt for.

But for Python2.6 I found the following note in the py2exe tutorial:
"For Python 2.6, the DLL you need is called MSVCR90.dll. Py2exe is not
able to automatically include this DLL in your dist directory, so you
must provide it yourself.

To complicate things, there is more than one version of this DLL in
existance, each with the same filename. You need the same version that
the Python interpreter was compiled with, which is version
9.0.21022.8. Through the remainder of these instructions, hover your
mouse over the dll file (or the vcredist_x86.exe installer executable)
to confirm which version you've got. "

My questions are:
(i) From where I can download "MSVCR90.dll" ? Is there any trusted
(ii) How to install the same?
(iii) Would py2exe work fine if I install it?
(iv) Is there any other exe creating program which does not have all
these problems?

As it is a room for expert python developers, I felt to ask you, if
any one can kindly find some time to resolve my query, I would be

Thanks in Advance,
Best Regards,

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