Question on Creating exe file with py2exe

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Sat Feb 12 21:29:33 CET 2011


I'm releasing a .exe made with py2exe myself an got this problem too.
99% of the time the required DLL is already installed by another
application and you don't need to care about it.
The 1% is about empty or fresh windows install (server most of the
For them, I provide a link to the M$ vcredist and a warning in my
download page asking them to install it them self.

Take a look at my site for the vcredist link :



On Feb 12, 9:06 pm, joy99 <subhakolkata1... at> wrote:
> Dear Room,
> I am using Windows XP (SP2) and a Python Version "Python 2.6.5
> (r265:79096, Mar 19 2010, 21:48:26) [MSC v.1500 32 bit (Intel)] on
> win32".
> I was looking to create exe files. Reviewing various posts here, I
> felt py2exe may be the best thing I can opt for.
> But for Python2.6 I found the following note in the py2exe tutorial:
> "For Python 2.6, the DLL you need is called MSVCR90.dll. Py2exe is not
> able to automatically include this DLL in your dist directory, so you
> must provide it yourself.
> To complicate things, there is more than one version of this DLL in
> existance, each with the same filename. You need the same version that
> the Python interpreter was compiled with, which is version
> 9.0.21022.8. Through the remainder of these instructions, hover your
> mouse over the dll file (or the vcredist_x86.exe installer executable)
> to confirm which version you've got. "
> My questions are:
> (i) From where I can download "MSVCR90.dll" ? Is there any trusted
> site?
> (ii) How to install the same?
> (iii) Would py2exe work fine if I install it?
> (iv) Is there any other exe creating program which does not have all
> these problems?
> As it is a room for expert python developers, I felt to ask you, if
> any one can kindly find some time to resolve my query, I would be
> honored.
> Thanks in Advance,
> Best Regards,
> Subhabrata.

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