Call to Update All Tutorials to Python3.x Standards.

rantingrick rantingrick at
Sun Feb 13 16:41:38 EST 2011

On Feb 13, 3:03 pm, "Thomas L. Shinnick" <tshin... at> wrote:
> In a city I used to live in, a long while ago, ...
> You would stop at a red light at a downtown corner and some unkempt
> fellow would lurch out of nowhere, stagger onto your hood, smear his
> dirty rag over a part of your windshield once or twice, rock back on
> his heels unsteadily, and thrust out his hand towards the car window.

Sadly this the case in many cities world wide. And what is the cause
of this infestation? Bloated and overbearing government bureaucracies
killing the soul of it's citizens! When you over tax citizens... they
leave. When create asinine laws that make running a buisness almost
impossible... they leave too. Likewise when you create housing
projects... who stays? Likewise when you create a welfare mentality...
who stays?

However soon you find yourself in a giant conundrum... When you push
out the tax payers and you propagate selfishness within your populace,
who then will you steal the money from to maintain your house of
cards? How then will you divert their attention from the wee little
man behind the curtain pulling levers making lots of smoke and noise
but not much else? This is how civilizations fall on a grand scale.

Look at every major city around the world and you'll see why we find
ourselves in the global recession. SELFISHNESS, CORRUPTION, and GREED.
Those are the only types of folks left in the cities; the selfish, the
corrupt, and the greedy. The honest folks got the hell out before it
collapsed into chaos. Coming soon to a big city near you...
devolution! (psst: this may include the Python community too!)

> How many tutorials have you written?

Your attempts to connect me to the bums are laughable. I am the only
person publicly calling for change, for self responsibility, and for a
*real* community with a united vision of the future. Anybody that
argues for keeping old incompatible 2.x tutorials is just a historical
landscaper plain and simple. That's fine. If you wish to live in the
past be my quest. However *we* are going to move forward with or
without you.

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