ecu_jon hayesjdno3 at
Sun Feb 13 19:58:23 CET 2011

"Please don't dump code on us and tell us to ignore parts of it. We're
offering our time and experience without charging you, the least you
do is take the time to eliminate the irrelevant parts of the code
yourself, and show us the smallest piece of code which demonstrates
problem. " i appreciate your opinion. im fairly new here so i might
not get etiquette right.i only asked you all to ignore it for 2
reasons, it's wxpython to not really targets to the crowd, and it does
not interact with the python parts. other than simply as a means to
call the functions. i could chop off the bottom  and replace it with a
functname(), it would be the same for my question.

i know backslashes are special. there a special pain in my #$%.
without a windows environment, you would have to change destination2
significantly to try it out. but like i said above you can try version
11 in a linux environment. i know config does not exist, for some
reason the isfolder check is passing it off saying it exists, when it
does not. then moving on to the isfiles parts. tries to copy a folder
deep files with no folder to write to, and fails.
i jsut don't understand why the folder check is not working right in
version 12a.

and destination2, IS basically the difference between 11 and 12a. it
should be the only difference. the isfile difference someone else
pointed out i have since changed that, stil lsame problem.
and again thanks all for time/trouble.

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