Call to Update All Tutorials to Python3.x Standards.

rantingrick rantingrick at
Sun Feb 13 20:18:39 CET 2011

We need to start demanding that folks move towards 3.0 compliance with
their tutorials. Most of the functionality in Python3000 is available
from the __future__ module, especially in Python2.6 and up. There is
no reason to continue supporting deprecated tutorials. If someone is
still using an very old version of Python then they should learn from
the official tutorial.

However just ignoring the currently outdated tutorials is NOT enough,
we must modify them or destroy them. This is the only way we can
guarantee that confusion is not propagated through the ranks of new
users. We must reign in this multiplicity and we must move forward in
our evolution. Some folks will need to be brought into compliance
kicking and screaming... so be it!

If they are not willing to move forward then we must demand that they
annotate their tutorials as OUT OF DATE with very prominent warnings.
These annotations need to exists on every page and everywhere a new
feature has superseded an old feature. Also it would also be wise to
include a link to the relevant part of the official tutorial that
showcases the new syntax/functionality. Like for instance the print
function, string formatting, etc, etc.

If any tutorial owners refuse to cooperate we need to remove their
tutorials (and/or links to their tutorials) from the official Python
website forever. We must not be a party to multiplicity. We must stand
united to move the Python code base forward and into 3.0 compliance.
You can always read the official tutorial of an old version if you
need to, but we cannot allow confusion to exists on the internet. This
will be a painful blow to some, but progress is far more important
than any one persons "feelings" getting hurt. We must move forward,
and if that means leaving some selfish folks behind THEN SO BE IT!

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