Call to Update All Tutorials to Python3.x Standards.

Littlefield, Tyler tyler at
Sun Feb 13 23:03:12 CET 2011

 >However *we* are going to move forward with or
 >without you.
In other words: We in RR's book means RR and this silent majority that 
has pitched in so much work to back his last call to move forward, that 
we're now boggling in awe at a new Idol. And moving forward means 
posting lots of trash, (he calls this speaking up), reverting to insults 
when people don't back him in his crusade to move us forward, (he calls 
this vision and pursuasion), then hoping that it all holds up. When a 
solution is posed, he goes quiet, (this again I guess is called 
evolution), until he can find something else to complain about, and the 
last complaints are left by the wayside.

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