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> On Feb 13, 8:29 pm, Ben Finney <ben+pyt... at> wrote:
> > Instead, focus on the issue that's causing you confusion:
> > constructing a filesystem path and testing whether it exists.
> >
> > Make a *minimal* program that shows the problem you're having. Post it
> > *here* (that's why it's important that it be minimal), along with the
> > exact error traceback you get from Python when you run it.
> >
> > Once you have something minimal that we, too, can run, we can comment
> > better on its behaviour.
> this thing evolved i piece a a time.

I don't doubt it. But clearing up confusion over what a big wad of code
does is best done by trying to isolate the problem into a small piece of

> i got help from the wxpython people, and now that code has been stable
> for weeks.
> the function weekChoice came after talking to 2 CS grad studenst for 2
> hours. deciding how to decide what week to pick. it seems to be solid.
> was picking week 1 up till 12:02 when i tested it on the 8th, then
> went to week 2.

This all sounds as though you're doing ball-of-mud programming: keep
throwing more code at the program, and whatever sticks must stay there
forever without understanding what it's doing.

That's a bad idea. I hope you can already see why.

Really, please make a new, minimal, complete example that still exhibits
the specific confusing behaviour, and *post it in a message* (not at a
URL), so we can see the problem in isolation. If it's more than a dozen
lines, it's doing too much for the problem you're talking about here.

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