EPD 7.0 released

sturlamolden sturlamolden at yahoo.no
Mon Feb 14 08:23:22 EST 2011

On 14 Feb, 13:35, "Colin J. Williams" <cjwilliam... at gmail.com> wrote:

> The purchase price for what, until now, has been open source and free
> seems high.

The price is not high compared to other tools scientists are using,
e.g. Matlab and S-PLUS.

If you consider to buy an MKL license from Intel only to build NumPy
and SciPy against "Intel Math Kernel Library" (MKL), EPD is a less
expensive option. You can get NumPy and SciPy built against MKL from
Enthought for less than the price of an MKL license -- MKL is $399,
EPD is $199. And on top of being cheaper, it saves us all the work
building and installing.

How much do you value your own time? Is the price high compared to the
time spent "doing it yourself"? How long does it take to configure and
build ATLAS on Windows, build NumPy and SciPy against ATLAS, and then
build Matplotlib against the ATLAS dependent NumPy? Have you seen the
number of posts on NumPy and SciPy mailing lists from people going
insane trying to build the libraries? Do you still think EPD is

The libraries in EPS (except MKL) is still open source and free if you
want to mess with 100s of installers and/or build scripts.


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