Extending classes __init__behavior for newbies

rantingrick rantingrick at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 11:03:27 EST 2011

On Feb 13, 10:39 pm, Christian Heimes <li... at cheimes.de> wrote:
> Am 14.02.2011 00:12, schrieb rantingrick:
> > False! There IS harm in using super when super not needed. The
> > difference is readability! And don't downplay that aspect. You
> > yourself have said this in the past. It seems *some* of us have very
> > short memories.
> Of course you are entitled to have your own opinion and own coding
> style. You are also allowed to disregard the opinion of experienced
> Python developers, who really know what they are talking about. But
> please DO NOT teach new Python users wrong coding! I assume Benjamin
> will follow the right lead here.

And which "lead" is the correct lead to follow? And more importantly
WHY? You failed to offer any substance to your comments. They left
myself (and many others) wanting.

> If you have a short memory then you should definitely use one way -- the
> correct way for all cases -- to call the parent's class init method.

Again WHAT IS the correct way? We've heard your opinion now let's hear
some fact based arguments.

> Otherwise your future self is going to hate your current self for
> introducing potential buggy code.

Where is the buggy code? Show me how Ship.__init__() can break. Anyone
can argue, few can offer facts. If you bring an argument that
Ship.__init__() can break if someone changes the code then that IS NOT
an valid argument. ANY code can be broken with the addition or
subtraction of a single char.

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