Extending classes __init__behavior for newbies

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> > I actually agree with this. :)
> The problem is that it's not a philosophy which the ranting one
> practices,

Actually I could argue quite *successfully* that i have been designing
the rebirth (and fostering the forward thinking evolution!) of the
entire Python community and some very important aspects of the
language for the last couple of years. I have risen through the ranks
from a mere scribe to a truly Pythonic visionary. However, some of my
fellow "engineers" refuse to move from the design phase into the
production phase due to "silly squabbling" and "petty posturing". We
can do many great things if we can put our egos aside and join
together in a common goal.

I always find it interesting how once a person joins an online group
as a "helper" they cannot ask questions anymore. It's like an
unwritten law you dare not break because if you do your "peers" will
see you as weak and they will pounce on you, discredit you, and then
excommunicate you! Any sign of weakness and your out. However if you
show force and brow beat those who dare challenge you then fear will
elevate you through the ranks. This should not be the case. No one
person knows everything. Not even the great Guido van Rossum himself
could have engineered something like Python alone. Sure, Python is
*his* brainchild (and a very beautiful one!) however, he would have
made many mistakes and/or left out many good designs if he did not
have the help of a strong community.

[Back on track]
I would like to see this group drop the egos and start really working
together. Stop being afraid of how you appear to others and be
yourself. Some folks will be good in one area and other folks in
another. Only together can we conquer all problem domains.

In the end i promise they will respect you more for your honesty. And
it will not be a respect forged from fear, no, it will be something
greater! A respect forged from collaboration. A respect of comrades in
arms. This is the future i bring to c.l.py!

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